Therapies - Past Life Healing Therapy

Past Life Healing Therapy

The soul is immortal and indestructible, and it undertakes countless journeys across time and space, living out countless lives, all in an effort to experience and to learn, ever more and more, until, at the end, there is nothing more left to experience or learn; there is simply the enjoyment of union with the Supreme; there is simply the knowledge that it IS the Supreme; there is simply the bliss of BEING.

From each of these countless lives, the soul brings memories and the emotions associated with them into the present life. Some of these memories and emotions are positive, but the ones that are the most intense and have the strongest impact on the present life are frequently negative. These negative memories and emotions manifest as blockages impeding our progress either in the material world or the spiritual world.

Past life healing therapy is a method that enables a person to revisit the lives in which he or she experienced the events that left behind those negative memories and emotions. Typically, our level of awareness as we go through various experiences in our lives is lower than it can be. When an individual is helped to revisit past lives, he or she is made to do so in a state of heightened awareness. The individual can look at the past lives’ events, gain a clear understanding of the events and also understand the root cause of the negative emotions. Having understood this, the person can let go of the emotions that have been carried over from past lives, which enables him or her to be liberated from their influence. The blockages that the person has been experiencing are cleared, and the person is able to lead a fuller life, pursuing his or her goals with greater confidence, and with a greater faith in the benevolence of the universe.

Kumar conducts past life healing sessions for those who wish to benefit from this therapy. Each session starts with an issue that the person undergoing the session wishes to address, and then goes on to delve into the life in which the issue originated. Each session typically lasts about two hours.

If you wish to undergo a past life healing session, you can schedule an appointment using the contact information given on the Contact page.

Therapies - Transomatic Dialogue Therapy

Therapies Transomatic Dialogue Therapy

The human body (the physical sheath as well as the other progressively subtle sheaths) is not just a vehicle for the soul, but also a repository of memories of events experienced by the individual – memories that have, for some reason, been repressed or not completely understood or assimilated by the individual.

These repressed memories manifest as physical, emotional or mental illnesses or disorders, or as spiritual blockages. Most illnesses and blockages are, thus, indications of some underlying, unresolved issues stemming from memories that require understanding and release.

The human body also possesses a tremendous capacity for self-healing, for restoring its own natural balance and harmony, once these memories have been understood and given release.

Transomatic dialogue therapy facilitates profound, holistic healing at the deepest level, by allowing a person to access their repressed memories and understand how they are affecting the person’s life. In essence, the transomatic dialogue experience offers a means of catharsis, enabling us to purge ourselves of memories, the associated emotions and the resulting traumas that have been plaguing us.

This therapy takes place in four stages:

  • Dissection – discussing and exploring the various aspects of the issue(s) that a person wishes to address, so as to gain a thorough understanding of the problem(s);
  • Trance induction – entering a deep state of relaxation;
  • Recall – connecting to the body to access the memories and emotions at the root of the issue(s);
  • Release – understanding the connection between the repressed memories and emotions and the issue(s) currently being faced by the person.
    This understanding enables him or her to choose to release and let go of the memories and emotions, so that he or she is no longer affected by them.

Once a person has undergone the transomatic dialogue experience and completely integrated the understanding gained from it into their psyche, they will discover a sea change in the quality of their life. They find harmony both within and without, and are able lead a more peaceful and hopeful life, progressing on their chosen path with greater confidence. Most of all, a person who has been experiencing blockages or hurdles in meditation finds the blockages removed, and that he or she is now able, during meditation, to go to a far deeper level than ever before.

Kumar offers transomatic dialogue therapy sessions, with each session typically lasting about two hours.

If you wish to undergo a transomatic dialogue session, you can schedule an appointment using the contact information given on the Contact us page.

About Kumar

A quiet storm, a silent tornado, a cool flame – these seemingly self-contradictory yet evocative phrases are apt descriptions for B. Nagakumar, who runs the Mumuksha Centre for Transformation. Kumar, as he is affectionately known, is a study in contrasts. He is a person who loves solitude and silence, yet is an extremely enthralling person to be around. His presence is charged with a quiet intensity, yet people find it very relaxing to be with him. Most of all, the knowledge, skills and wisdom he has gained in his life have, without exception, been gained only through great hardship and intense striving, yet seem so simple and easy to understand when he teaches.

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Past life therapy is thus a tool and an aid to self-discovery. To help people heal themselves and others, and to help them on their spiritual journey, Mumuksha provides the past life healing therapy training course. This two-week course teaches one how to independently conduct past life healing sessions on oneself as well as on others.

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If there were another name for the nectar of immortality, it would be “meditation”. For most of us, life simply seems to be a never-ending series of anxiety, stress and grief, with occasional and brief times of happiness. Living in this manner can only have the most debilitating effect on our health, that of the body as well as that of the heart, mind and soul. It is therefore no wonder that our life-spans are much shorter than what they could possibly be.

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