The soul is immortal and indestructible, and it undertakes countless journeys across time and space, living out countless lives, all in an effort to experience and to learn, ever more and more, until, at the end, there is nothing more left to experience or learn; there is simply the enjoyment of union with the Supreme; there is simply the knowledge that it IS the Supreme

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The individual soul takes on physical bodies to live out lives and undergo various experiences so that it can learn and grow. So essentially, the body is a vehicle for the soul. But the soul’s journey can be severely impeded if the vehicle is not in prime condition. Physical bodies are composed of the gross elements, each of which has its own unique characteristics.

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Past life therapy is thus a tool and an aid to self-discovery. To help people heal themselves and others, and to help them on their spiritual journey, Mumuksha provides the past life healing therapy training course. This two-week course teaches one how to independently conduct past life healing sessions on oneself as well as on others.

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“pûshannekarshe yama sûrya prâjâpatya
vyûha rashmîn samûha,
tejo yat te rûpam kalyânatamam tatte pashyâmi,
yo'sâvasau purushah so'hamasmi”

O Lord Sun, Ruler of the Heavens,
Thou who art Controller and Nourisher,
Born of the Supreme Creator,
Do Thou gather up Thy rays and dim Thy effulgence,
So that I may behold the Light that is Thy most auspicious Form.
The Spirit that dwells within Thee, well, I am He.

“Mumuksha” – one who longs for liberation. This is where it all began – with the desire to discover Him, and then to understand that “I am He”; with the desire… to be free. The desire deepened and deepened and became an intense longing that would not be denied.

Every soul in existence is moving in its own way towards liberation; some may progress rapidly, some may take the most torturous path and some may grope blindly without any inkling of the path. Whatever be the path, we are all moving imperceptibly yet inexorably towards the One we love and worship deep down in our hearts whether we are aware of it or not.

However, real progress towards liberation becomes possible only when the individual’s consciousness evolves to the point where he or she says, of his or her own volition, “Athato brahma jijnasa” – “Now there is the desire to know God”.

Having said this, the individual then needs to go deep within himself or herself to discover, experience and understand the Ultimate Reality. This is possible only through meditation. Meditation is the one process which leads to liberation. It is only through deep meditation that we can peel away the layers of karma that we have accrued in countless lives and experience union with the Paramatman.

The process of meditation is not without its hurdles. As human beings, we have a lot of baggage that we have carried over from previous lives. This can take the form of blockages that can be physical, emotional, mental, psychological or spiritual. Blockages obstruct the inner journey and can impede spiritual progress and, ultimately, our liberation. When these blockages are removed, there is harmony and meditation flows.

At Mumuksha, we use different methods and techniques to remove blockages, heal, and help bring about a transformation of the consciousness, which will help people progress towards the ultimate goal – that of being able to say…

“I Am He.”